Turf Application FAQ

What is the liquid application and what is in it?

The liquid application is a liquid sprayed on the grass that will get rid of weeds and fertilize the grass. It contains:


I see little signs in the grass. What does it mean?

Those small signs are there to let the community know that this area has been sprayed with the application. The Signs are usually removed 24-48 hours after application.


After the application has been applied, when is it safe for me to go in the grass?

Once the liquid dries. This usually takes 2-3 hours for the grass to dry. Since we do wide areas at a time, we encourage people to stay off the grass for 24 hours. Although once the product is dry it is safe, this ensures that all areas are dry.


The application is being applied in the rain. Is that ok?

Yes. Although we typically do not apply in the rain. The application has a chemical called sticker that binds the application to the plants. This means that it is safe to run irrigation that night. We will monitor the results and get a reapplication for areas if affected or missed before the next round.


The application was applied yesterday, and I see the landscaper mowing today. Shouldn’t they wait 48 hours?

No, it is ok to mow the grass the next day. While the liquid does need time to dry and be absorbed by plants, allowing the application to sit for a day is enough time for that to occur.


How long should it take for me to see results?

14 days. If the weeds are not dying or dead in two weeks, we will do another application.