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Purcellville, Virginia




Welcome to Hirst Farm, located at the south end of the quiet town of Purcellville, Virginia. Located just 50 miles from the Nation's Capital, in the foothills of the oldest mountain range on Earth, Purcellville is the economic hub of western Loudoun County. Yet the community is small enough to know your neighbors and receive numerous waves from neighborhood friends as you walk the trail system of Hirst Farm.

~ Board of Directors ~

The next Board Meeting of Hirst Farm will be held on Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 at 7PM at the Purcellville Train Station

 You can see the agenda for the February Board Meeting here.

Meetings of the Board of Directors are normally held on the third Wednesday of odd-numbered months.

Hirst Farm Pond Construction to Begin in July

The Town, County, and Hirst Farm's Board of Directors have worked together for several years to secure funding for completion of our Pond. Permits are being secured now. Constructions is scheduled to begin in July, 2018 and run for two months. Once complete, the Pond will be an engineered wet pond with improved flow-through to Goose Creek and a maximum depth of about two feet.

32nd & A Street Roundabout

The Town engineer reports that the Town has completed 90% of their review of the roundabout plans. Lighting for the roundabout will be in conformance with Dark Sky guidelines.


~ Capital Improvement  Committee ~

Capital Improvement Update

There are several concepts that were discussed at the 2014 Annual Meeting for changes to the Pond, Tot Lots and a Picnic Pavilion. Navigate to see pictures by using the Capital Improvement Committee link on the left side of this page.


~ Social Committee ~


This year's Spring yard sale will be held on Friday, May 11th, and Saturday, May 12th

Friday night sale is from 6-9pm. It's a great night to sell to folks looking for deals before the Saturday crowd!  It also provides folks that work or have sports on Saturday mornings to sell or shop! Also a great night for getting neighbors together with their sales and firepit social hour.
Saturday morning regular sale hours are 8-12.  Half price sale is 12-1!

Hope to see a lot of neighbors out selling! Great time to get out with your neighbors, make summer fun ca$h, and spring clean out the house!




~ Architectural Review Board ~

The Architectural Review Board meets via e-mail with in person meetings when requested by residents.


A series of meetings for the  ARB will be posted to this website in the near future.

The ARB is looking for more volunteers to help keep Hirst Farm looking as it should.


~Property Management Company ~

Contact information for the property management company is shown below.

Property Management People
92 Thomas Jefferson Drive, Suite 170
Frederick, MD  21702
Phone 301-694-6900



~ Town and County News ~


Purcellville Elections

Town Candidates Forum

Wed, April 11th- 6:30 - 9:00 PM

There will be a candidates forum April 11 at Carver Center 200 E. Willie Palmer Way from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The upcoming election is for three Town Council seats and the Mayor's seat.


~ Mailing Address for HOA Payments ~

After January 31, 2018

All mailed payments should be sent to:

Hirst Farm HOA
PO Box 62678
Phoenix, AZ 85082-2678

Please use the Account Numbers shown on communications from Property Management People.  If you have any questions, please contact PMP at 703-771-9355.


~ Handy HOA Documents ~

Articles of Incorporation

HOA Bylaws

Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Change Request Form

Approved Color Chart

Volunteer Sign-up Sheet


~ Old News ~

National Propane Buyer's Co-op (2009)

Propane Water Heater Recall Notice (2007)